REEL – Camera Operator

My REEL as Camera Operator

The best projects of 2015 in which Daniele Giacometti has been camera operator:

video type, filming locations and video names in order:
Videoclip, Ucraina “a night in Ucraina”
Shortfilm, Italy “La cena”
Documentary, Hawaii “The Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary”
Documentary, Italy “The soul of Gospel”
Live concert, Italy “Niagara ChinaEclipse ”
Live concert, Italy “FoxHound live”
Institutional video, Italy “Ca-Mairu”
Institutional video, Italy “Barex backstage”
Videoclip, Italy “Cannibalism SENATORE”
Documentary, Italy “Cuervolution”
Pilota episode, Italy “Chords”
Shortfilm, Mexico “El guyon

Year 07/2016
Categories Documentaries, Music Videos